Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Way Back When-esday- Our new fridge...

One of my favorite blogs to read is written by my dear friend Heather. She is a Mom to three and a wife to her wonderful husband Mike. You can check her out at: She never ceases to amaze me. Somehow with her hands completely full juggling work and family, she still manages to keep a smile on her face. She was also the inspiration for my blog. So, taking a page from her book, I am going to start participating in, “Way Back When-esday.”

Today we’re looking back on the week that Rich and I first moved in together. Rich had been slaving away working on the house. His nights were consumed with scraping popcorn off the ceilings, texturing the walls, painting, new carpet, he really did it all. I was so impressed by his dedication to making this house our home. The best surprise of all came when he showed up at the office one morning with a gigantic box in the back of the truck. I was puzzled as to what this could be. Come to find out, Rich had slipped away and bought our very first refrigerator. I was thrilled! It makes me giggle how the older we get, the things we get excited about become even weirder. As babies, we were ecstatic about the box our Christmas present came in. As an adult, I jump for joy about the new shelves Rich hung in the laundry room this past weekend.

So, here I am doing my best Vienna White impression, modeling our brand new refrigerator.

I really am one lucky gal!

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

... The Nine Months of Pregnancy, Brought to you by my Mom (Soon to be Mimi)!

We’ve all heard of the 12 days of Christmas right? Well my Mom decided that we were going to have the Nine Months of Pregnancy! She plans on visiting me every month of the 14th since February 14th is my due date. Each month she is going to have a little something for me or the baby. We also are going to take a picture to document my growing belly (oh what fun that will be- hopefully you are sensing my sarcasm).

I have to do a little catch up, as two visits have already passed but in the future, I plan on posting on the 14th after my Mom has stopped by for her visit. I can’t help but imagine Santa Claus with his big red bag of toys. Well, we'll think of my Mom as a stork with her sack of goodies!

June 14, 2010

A little something for Momma while I am waiting. I have been reading, "What to Expect When You're Expecting" and so far have learned quite a bit (some of which is quite scary but I am working through that!). Also, the box contained tummy oil (for stretch marks- EEEEEK!), chap stick, and foot soak. I haven't used any of that yet but from what I hear, all three are sure to come in hand a few months down the road!

July 14, 2010

This month Mom stopped by and had this adorable gift in hand- a picture frame for our first ultrasound picture. It came with interchangeable sayings so as we get a more recent ultrasound picture, we can update it also. We found the perfect place for the frame in the bookshelf in our living room. It's a daily reminder of this little tiny miracle growing inside of me. Speaking of little miracle, this week the baby is the size of a fig, measuring about one and half inches long. Pretty crazy huh?!

I truly believe that I am one of the luckiest women alive to have a Mother like mine. I have always looked up to her but now that I am going to be a mother myself, I see her in an all new light. I hope that I will be just as nurturing, caring, and open minded with my child as my Mom was, and continues to be, with me.

I love you Mom! Thank you for always being so wonderful. It's a blessing how now you are not only my Mom, but one of my best friends. I love you!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Holy Cow... I’m a “Mommy to Be!”

A couple of weeks ago I left my house on a Friday night to head over to my sister, Alisa’s place. I was attending, what I thought was our usual girl’s night. A group of us get together, about once a month for a much needed gab session and a glass or two of vino. It’s a time to let our hair down and just be girls. Much to my surprise, when I pulled around the corner of her street, the place was packed. It wasn’t until I walked in the front door to a full house that I realized that this little shin dig was for me! My sister had surprised me with a “Mommy to Be” party.

For those of you who don’t know, I am usually the one to pull these kinds of surprises off. No one and I mean NO ONE ever pulls one over on me. But without a doubt- they got me! At first I was a little taken back and then became completely overwhelmed by the love that filled that house. I have never felt so touched in my life. Maybe it was the pregnancy hormones but I immediately teared up and had to take a deep breath and pull myself together. All the love was just amazing. Many of my dearest friends were there, as well as my Mom, Aunt Sherri, and mother-in-law Donna.

The evening was filled with laughter (dare I say sparkly bloomers and high heels Heather Frye?!), story telling (I could listen to these girls all night), and a lot of good couponing tips (thanks Randa and Lisa). I also received several gift cards to Baby’s-R-Us which are sure to come in handy (thank you ladies), several pairs of maternity jeans (I think those are Heaven sent, thanks Monica), a bedtime nursery book (from none other than the teachers, Lynn and Julia), and a “You’re Not Allowed to get Sick” basket (courtesy of Ms. Kelly Jeck. The basket has been quite a hit with its herbal tea, preggie pop drops to help curve morning sickness, and diapers to get the collection started).

It was in that moment that I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have such amazing women in my life. Women who lead day by day by example, women who I aspire to be like. I just wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for simply being you. Furthermore, thank you Alisa for being the best big sister a girl could have hoped for. I love you so much!

I can’t wait to introduce this little baby to each and every one of you!

"Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." - Anais Nin

Thursday, July 8, 2010

And Then I Peed On A Stick...

The moment came when we were now the couple that had decided to, “Not, not try to have a baby.” On a side note- that is what I called it because I didn’t want the pressure of, “We’re trying to get pregnant” and the questions from everyone that coincides. But there was this new sense of excitement. Will it happen right away? Will it take a few months? Should I check to see if I am ovulating? Should we just let nature take its course?

Well, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a planner. I am efficient. I make to do lists and check the completed tasks off with a bright red pen as they are accomplished. I live for colored Sharpies and calendars. Needless to say, relaxing while this process happened was not the easiest task for me because the whole situation was simply beyond my control.

On my way into the office on a Tuesday, June 1st, I decided to stop off at CVS to purchase a pregnancy test. I was sure that it would come up negative, as it was our first month, “Not, not trying.” For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I work together. Somehow I managed to sneak into the bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, and then I peed on a stick. I didn’t want to seem suspicious so I put the test back in its wrapper and went back into my office. My stomach was in knots, churning and turning. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it. So, there it sat, underneath my desk, tucked away safely in my purse. About fifteen minutes later, I mustered up the guts to take a peek.

Two pink lines?! What does that mean? Look at the key... two lines means pregnant. Holy crap I MUST have looked at it wrong. Double check, triple check... I swear I looked at the stick at least twenty separate times before I realized indeed, there was no mistaking... those two pink lines meant that I was pregnant!

I had decided that when the day came that I was pregnant I wanted to tell Rich in a really fun and unique way, a way that we would both reminisce about when we are old and grey. Who was I kidding? I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still. I can see into Rich’s office from my desk. We talk online via Instant Messenger all day. The following few minutes went something like this:

KoWgIrL2233 10:49 am: Good Morning Darling
RichThe5 10:49 am: Yes it is a good morning lots going on :-) And good morning to you
KoWgIrL2233 10:49 am: ...Aint that the truth!
KoWgIrL2233 10:50 am: So are you having a good day thus far?
RichThe5 10:51 am: I am having a good day all my invoices are in and I’m really excited to replenish the bank accounts and knock out some more goals. Speaking of which we need some serious check marks! How about you?
KoWgIrL2233 10:52 am: I am actually thrilled...
Having a great day!
A one of a kind day!
RichThe5 10:52 am: really?
KoWgIrL2233 10:52 am: ...A how do you feel about a February baby kind of day?
RichThe5 10:52 am: seriously?
RichThe5 11:01 am: darling!
I’m so excited
KoWgIrL2233 11:02 am: You have no idea! Me tooooooooo!!!
I am so sorry...
I just couldn’t hold it in!
RichThe5 11:02 am: darling- no need to be sorry!
I’m thrilled!
RichThe5 11:02 am: Lol! We are going to be parental units!
KoWgIrL2233 11:03 am: Yes, yes we are! You’re going to be a great Dad :)

Suffice it to say that June 1st was a great day in the Halquist house. We promptly went to Babies R Us on our lunch hour and bought several, gender neutral of course, baby outfits. Who would have thought so much joy would come from peeing on a stick?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

... Our First Ultrasound

We had a doctor's appointment this morning and to put it simply, it was amazing! We got our first peak at Baby Halquist and he/she looks perfect. On top of the glimpse into the womb, we got to see AND hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. I just about died right then and there. It was such an amazing experience and I was so happy to have Rich right there by my side.

I also had a one hour glucose test because I am hypoglycemic. Not shocking, I failed miserably. This means the next step is a three hour glucose test and I hope and pray that all goes well with that one.

Other than that little bump, all is perfect. Baby is measuring about an inch long and you can see the head, bottom, and little protruding buds where his/her arms and legs are forming. I am just astonished that something an inch in size already has a fully functioning, beautiful, miraculous, little fluttering heart.

Gosh... I simply melt just thinking about it!