Thursday, July 8, 2010

And Then I Peed On A Stick...

The moment came when we were now the couple that had decided to, “Not, not try to have a baby.” On a side note- that is what I called it because I didn’t want the pressure of, “We’re trying to get pregnant” and the questions from everyone that coincides. But there was this new sense of excitement. Will it happen right away? Will it take a few months? Should I check to see if I am ovulating? Should we just let nature take its course?

Well, anyone who knows me also knows that I am a planner. I am efficient. I make to do lists and check the completed tasks off with a bright red pen as they are accomplished. I live for colored Sharpies and calendars. Needless to say, relaxing while this process happened was not the easiest task for me because the whole situation was simply beyond my control.

On my way into the office on a Tuesday, June 1st, I decided to stop off at CVS to purchase a pregnancy test. I was sure that it would come up negative, as it was our first month, “Not, not trying.” For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I work together. Somehow I managed to sneak into the bathroom, pregnancy test in hand, and then I peed on a stick. I didn’t want to seem suspicious so I put the test back in its wrapper and went back into my office. My stomach was in knots, churning and turning. I couldn’t bring myself to look at it. So, there it sat, underneath my desk, tucked away safely in my purse. About fifteen minutes later, I mustered up the guts to take a peek.

Two pink lines?! What does that mean? Look at the key... two lines means pregnant. Holy crap I MUST have looked at it wrong. Double check, triple check... I swear I looked at the stick at least twenty separate times before I realized indeed, there was no mistaking... those two pink lines meant that I was pregnant!

I had decided that when the day came that I was pregnant I wanted to tell Rich in a really fun and unique way, a way that we would both reminisce about when we are old and grey. Who was I kidding? I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still. I can see into Rich’s office from my desk. We talk online via Instant Messenger all day. The following few minutes went something like this:

KoWgIrL2233 10:49 am: Good Morning Darling
RichThe5 10:49 am: Yes it is a good morning lots going on :-) And good morning to you
KoWgIrL2233 10:49 am: ...Aint that the truth!
KoWgIrL2233 10:50 am: So are you having a good day thus far?
RichThe5 10:51 am: I am having a good day all my invoices are in and I’m really excited to replenish the bank accounts and knock out some more goals. Speaking of which we need some serious check marks! How about you?
KoWgIrL2233 10:52 am: I am actually thrilled...
Having a great day!
A one of a kind day!
RichThe5 10:52 am: really?
KoWgIrL2233 10:52 am: ...A how do you feel about a February baby kind of day?
RichThe5 10:52 am: seriously?
RichThe5 11:01 am: darling!
I’m so excited
KoWgIrL2233 11:02 am: You have no idea! Me tooooooooo!!!
I am so sorry...
I just couldn’t hold it in!
RichThe5 11:02 am: darling- no need to be sorry!
I’m thrilled!
RichThe5 11:02 am: Lol! We are going to be parental units!
KoWgIrL2233 11:03 am: Yes, yes we are! You’re going to be a great Dad :)

Suffice it to say that June 1st was a great day in the Halquist house. We promptly went to Babies R Us on our lunch hour and bought several, gender neutral of course, baby outfits. Who would have thought so much joy would come from peeing on a stick?

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  1. I love your blog and am so happy to be able to watch this new adventure unfold with you both! You are going to be an amazing momma & Rich is going to be a great daddy!

    P.S. I love that you went and bought gender neutral outfits right away! That is the same thing we did with Tucker and again with the girls...with the girls I had to go back and buy a second outfit once we found out there were two! Ha!