Monday, August 16, 2010

Drum Roll Please...

Ladies and gentleman, it’s a boy! I’m playing a bit of catch up but we had a doctor’s appointment on August 4th. Because I was only twelve weeks into the pregnancy our doctor said immediately that he was pretty sure it would be too early to tell us what we are having. About thirty seconds into the ultrasound all that changed because this little fella was sitting Indian style, the perfect position for us to clearly see that we are indeed having a little boy!

I think the cutest part of it all was that our doctor happens to be the same doctor that my parents used when they were pregnant with me and my siblings. After having both me and my two older sisters, my parents wanted a boy so badly they could hardly stand it! When it came time for my parents to find out whether or not Kenny, my little brother, was a boy, the words that came out of the doctor’s mouth were, “Well, looks like there’s a stem on the apple!” Low and behold, these were the very same words that he told Rich and I. Funniest part is he didn’t need to say a thing! I saw it before he spoke the words, “Well there appears to be a stem on the apple!”

Yay for stems!

The doctor still wanted to be cautious because again, I was only twelve weeks along, so he said that he was only 85% sure that it was a boy. While I was 100% sure no matter what he said, we decided to be certain we would get the gender prediction test. I went that afternoon to CVS and bought one. The next morning I took the test and undoubtedly, we know that it’s a boy! Check out the pictures, I mean who are we kidding?!

And now the real fun begins... nursery decorating!


  1. Love it! I've been waiting for you to update about the blue news :) The girls & Tucker can't wait to meet little boy Halquist (I didn't want to put the name just in case you are posting about that later!)

  2. Yessss, super excited about Mr. C!! Can't wait to see pics of his nursery :)