Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mommy Meltdown #1...

Tuesday I had my first (minor) Mommy meltdown. I laugh when I write this and you will be laughing too by the end of this story because I may have lost my noodle for a few brief hours. I am now a firm believer that pregnancy hormones make you act like a crazy person.

We bought the baby’s nursery furniture a month and half ago. I was so excited because it was on sale for 25% off and we were able to use a 20% coupon that I already had. That’s right- we got the crib and changing table at 45% off! That made me one very happy lady. Problem is, when we went to place the order the dresser that matches the set was on backorder. The salesman assured me that it would be coming back and that it was probably on backorder because the set was on sale and a lot of people were buying it. He said to check in with them once a week and it would eventually become available to buy.

Now, they had a perfectly good dresser in the store as a floor model. I asked if I could just purchase that one and he said that they weren’t allowed to do that because other expectant mothers needed to be able to see what it looked like so that they could also purchase it. Selfishly, I just wanted the dresser for myself but I didn’t get my way.

I continued to check back once, sometimes twice a week, on my lunch hour to see if it was ready to be ordered and every time I got the same response.

Salesperson: “Sorry, the dresser is still on backorder.”
Me: “Okay, you are sure that it has not been discontinued.”
Salesperson: "Oh no mam, that’s one of our best sellers. It should be available soon.”
Me: “Okay, I guess I’ll just keep checking back in. You’re sure that I just can’t buy the one off the floor? I will buy it right now.”
Salesperson: “I’m sorry mam, we’re not allowed to sell you that unless the product has been discontinued.”
Me: “Okay, and you are 100% certain that it hasn’t been discontinued?”
Salesperson: “Yes mam.”
Me: “Well then I’ll see you next week!”

Do you see where this is going?!

I was just in there last Thursday. I went back to the store on Tuesday and started my normal routine. I walked over to where the display usually was and it’s gone. I thought to myself, surely they’ve just moved it. I walked around all the furniture displays and it’s gone. Not there- not on display- the whole set- crib, changing table, dresser- gone! Panic immediately set in.

I need the matching dresser! My baby NEEDS the matching dresser!

I located the nearest saleslady and luckily she had helped me before so she knew what I was looking for. We sat down and she started to go through their computer system. After sitting there for nearly fifteen minutes of her clicking screen after screen she looked up and told me that the set had been discontinued.

I could feel the heat rise in my face. Have I not been asking this simple question for a month and a half?!

Since the set had been discontinued I asked if I could buy the dresser that was displayed on the floor. She went and looked in the back. Bless her heart, she came back to tell me that the manager must have sold the whole set to someone over the weekend.

At that point, I was just plain mad. She said the only chance of us getting that dresser was if we could find a store that hadn’t sold their flood model yet. She printed out a list of every store in Florida and as soon as we got in the car I started calling. About half way back to the office and after being told by three stores that they had already sold their flood model, a call beeps in. It was Claudia, our saleslady, and she had found a store in Altamonte Springs that had one and they were holding it just for me! I was very happy that I hadn’t completely shown my butt just minutes earlier at the store. She must have felt really bad (or feared for her life, I can’t decide which one) to go through all that trouble.

Rich, Donna, and I made an afternoon road trip up to Altamonte Springs to pick it up. I wish I had my camera because fitting that dresser in the back of my SUV was comical in itself. Honestly, at that point the comic relief was welcomed. We had to lay down all the seats and Rich had to cram into an open space on the floor board for the ride home. What a good Daddy he is going to be.

After a long and emotional day, Baby Halquist now has his first official piece of furniture in his nursery. I am sure we’ll look back one day and laugh about it but at the time, I felt like it was the end of the world.

Again, pregnancy hormones make you act like a crazy person.

Plain. And. Simple.


  1. I totally would have felt the same way...and did a little bit when we were in search of the second crib for the girls to match the one we had from Tucker because it too got discontinued but they would not sell the floor model in any case at all.

    I love the dresser and I'm so glad you got it! Persistence pays off :)

  2. Oh and yes, pregnancy hormones do make you go crazy! I promise it's not just you!