Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Nine Months of Pregnancy- Month Three...

August 14th has come and gone and that means that I am three months into this little thing called pregnancy. This month Mom is helping out with my pregnancy cravings. I’ve always been a fan of Chipotle but lately I can’t seem to get enough of the salad (or should I say dressing) from Chipotle.

I suppose I could have worse cravings right?

We just won’t mention the bag of Sweet Sixteen powder sugar donuts that I devoured yesterday. Ooops- that must have slipped out!

In other news, a small baby bump has appeared! This picture was taken after dinner. The bump is definitely at its biggest in the evening and after dinner.

Three down, six (or more like seven) to go! Easy peasy right?


  1. Love the little forming baby bump! And the cute little notes from your mom each month. She is one creative lady :) Must be the teacher in her.

  2. Your mother is so darling with that little poem! And I am loving the little bump too! There truly is something special about having a little one tucked in!