Friday, August 27, 2010

One Week Down...

Happy Friday All!

We've reached the one week mark of back to school here in Central Florida and I am willing to bet that one of my readers, most likely a teacher, can tell us all how many days until Christmas Break. Any takers?

Like I've mentioned before, I love school stories. My Mom is a teacher so I grew up with the funny, and sometimes not so funny, school day tales. Now that I am older, many of my friends are teachers themselves so I get a plethora of stories come days end!

My favorite story thus far goes to Heather. She has a runner. A first grade runner that is. A student that when isn't given his way, takes off out of the classroom and down the hall. Can you imagine how this child got through Kindergarten? We won't mention what the child did when he was taken to the office after one such event (hint, there may or may not have been bodily excretions involved).

A close first runner up goes to Lynn. This is her first year teaching public school and she is dealing with the culture shock of cafeterias, bus dismissal, and children who are "walkers." Mind you, she is a Kindergarten teacher and on her very first day she had to let a 5 year old walk out of her sight, alone, to head home. About an hour later she had a panicked parent on her hands because, "their child was missing and they were going to call 911!" Don't worry, the child was found safe and sound and from this point forward, I bet a parent will be there promptly to meet their kid.

I am sure that there will be many more school day tales to come. Congratulations students, teachers, and school workers alike- one week down and only a million more to go! Good luck!


  1. I do not know how many days till Christmas Break but I do know there's 175 days to go until next summer...haha!

    Here's an update on the runner. He's now a take-off-his-socks-and-shoes-when-he-doesn't-get-his-way-and-throw-them-at-the-behavior-specialist's-face-kind-of-kid! Let's just say we are meeting with mom and dad Tuesday morning!

  2. Oh geez! Gosh Heather, you know it's just because he's a genius and bored out of his mind. Oh to see a child through the eyes of their parents!