Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Way Back When-esday- I was a messy kid...

This weekend my friend Kelly's Bachelorette festivities are beginning at our house. We won't be staying for long but anytime we're having guests over, I feel the added pressure to make sure the house is clean and in tip-top shape. There's a lot of changes going on in the Halquist House with texturing, painting, and such right now. We're preparing Cooper's nursery which of course, has led to many other small beautification projects. Things are just out of sorts right now.

Luckily for me, my disdain for cleaning has long since disappeared.

For this edition of, "Way Back When-esday," we're taking a peek into my closet as a child. I was not a very neat child.

Really, that is a huge understatement.

You see, I crammed clothes, toys, accessories, really whatever I could get my hands on into any little hiding place. That is, at least I thought that it was a hiding place.

Here you are seeing what I looked like when my Mom found that little so-called hiding place.

Considering that I am now borderline obsessive about everything being in it's correct place, I have no idea how I was ever that kid. Here's to hoping that Cooper has better cleaning habits.

Play along with Cheryl at Twinfatuation- it's so much fun to reminisce!


  1. OMG Meagan! That was me as well! My mom even locked me out of my room for a while one time to clean it properly because my closet & under my bed were atrocious! I always hid stuff and was horrible about throwing things away! But like you, am totally different now and try to keep the house as tidy as possible (even with three little ones who love to make a mess of their own!) I love this picture!

  2. SOOOOOO funny!

    Appreciate you playing along...DARLING shot!