Friday, December 24, 2010

The Box Read, "Easy Assembly"...

As I mentioned before, we started our Christmas shopping really late this year. We've been super busy at work and have been waiting for everything to fall into place to get started. Well, this past Monday we began and I am happy to report that as of last night, we are finished! I just finished all of the wrapping and our Christmas tree now looks complete.

By far my favorite present that we bought this year is for our nephew Noah. Noah absolutely loves the movie Cars. A few Sundays ago we were sitting on the couch, sipping on a cup of coffee, and flipping through the newspaper. Rich came across an advertisement for this adorable Cars bike and we knew that instant this would be Noah's Christmas present.

We bought it on Tuesday and Rich came home that evening an assembled it. I enjoyed sitting on the couch watching him diligently follow the directions (only when needed) and "voila!" here's the finished product...

There was a moment while he was assembling the bike that the room got quiet. I was just watching him and thinking about the future. How exciting it will be to get these kinds of presents for Cooper. To find out what his favorites are and then search the stores over for the perfect Christmas present.

In that silence, Rich randomly exclaimed, "I can't wait to teach Cooper to ride a bike and build him a tree house and make him his lunch and teach him all the cool sh*t I know!"

I doubled over in laughter. This was a total Dad moment for Rich and I was so happy that I was sitting there to witness it.

Indeed, I am sure that Rich will teach him a lot of "cool" stuff.


  1. Love it! Made me laugh as I read the part about what Rich said! What a great daddy he's going to be! Btw...did you find Cooper's stocking? I see four little stocking toes hanging above Rich's head, and I thought I remember you saying you were on the hunt for another reindeer to buy for the little man.

  2. Wow you are observent! Yes, we found an additional one on e-bay but it was a Santa. That's just going to have to do because I love our stockings too much to get new ones! Merry Christmas :)