Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gone in the blink of an eye...

This year our Christmas was particularly special. We were inundated with family which was truly a blessing. Rich's brother Scott and his wife Amy, along with their children Grace, Jack, and Josh were able to travel all the way from Washington to spend the holidays with us. Adding to that, my sister Heather and her husband Scott and their children, Jaedon, Tyler, Gabby, and growing Baby Koehler traveled all the way from Pennsylvania.

It was such a special time for our family and I am so grateful for the opportunity to spend Christmas with all of them. Here's a sneak peek at our Christmas day festivities...

We started the morning at my parents house bright and early at 7:00am. We had a delicious breakfast and then took turns opening gifts and ooooing and ahhhhing! I somehow didn't get a picture of Dad but he was in all his glory with his numerous Bass Pro Shop gift cards. Danahia got Kenny an X-Box Kinect which is the coolest game system I have ever seen. We spent a lot of the day laughing as we watched people learn how to use it. Alisa and Ryan also got plenty of goodies, including an iPod and warm weather gear for work. Ryan was pretty excited about that.

After my parents, we traveled back across town for our stop at Rich's parents house. This leg of the festivities was particularly fun because we saw Christmas morning through the eyes of the children. They were all so eager to tear into their presents and got so excited when they saw what they were. It was so much fun! Amy was beyond excited about her new Ugg boots (she is going to be quite the site to see at the kid's bus stop back in Washington- no more flip-flops for her)! Scott got a really awesome watch and Ashley a new iPhone. Needless to say, there was quite a bit of excitement in the room. We chowed down on monkey bread and soaked it all up!

Once we were done at his parents house we went home to exchange our own gifts. I got Rich several new shirts, a new pair of work shoes, socks, manties (you can figure that out), and an iHome docking station. He is really stoked about revamping his wardrobe for the New Year so these gifts were particularly fitting. He blew me out of the water with a Coach diaper bag. It is the most chic diaper bag I have ever seen and I cannot wait to use it! The most sentimental gift was the Willow Tree figure that he found. It is called "Cherish" and it's the pregnant woman. For the past four Christmases, starting with the Christmas morning when he proposed, he has gotten me a Willow Tree figure that depicts which phase we are at in life. This year, it brought me to tears. I am just beyond thankful for all the many blessings that God has brought into my life this year. A loving and supporting husband who is going to be a phenomenal father and growing baby Cooper, the greatest blessings of all.

After all of the excitement, we crashed! I took a nap that felt more like a coma. It was one of those naps where you wake up in the same position that you fell asleep in and one whole side of your body is numb from not moving. Quite fabulous!

Because we had spent Christmas Eve with Rich's family, we went back over to my parent's house in the evening for some more family time. The laughter and story telling ensued.

God is good.

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