Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Nine Months of Pregnancy- Month 7...

I can barely believe it. I've just wrapped up the seventh month of this pregnancy. Truly, it is just flying by and in the blink of an eye, little Cooper will be in my arms. Oh the anticipation!

Mom stopped by on Tuesday with a special delivery just for me...

It brings tears to my eyes, perhaps it's the pregnancy hormones, to think that this is the last Christmas that Rich and I will have without a little one running around. He'll be pulling all the ornaments off of the tree, unwrapping the presents too early, and terrorizing baby Jesus from our nativity scene. All the same, I can't wait! *Click on the picture to enlarge and read the poem*

I love the preggo lady ornament that I can add to our tree. It's quite fitting at the moment, although I don't feel as chic as this lady looks! Every year when I hang it on our tree it will remind me of this wonderful phase of life. I can smile and remember feeling like a house (at least I feel like a house with great hair and nails) this Christmas!

She also gave me a gift certificate for a prenatal massage. I will be putting that to very good use as soon as humanly possible. I cannot wait to kick back and relax. A bit of pampering always does a body good.

Thank you so much Mom for making me feel so special. The way that you are spoiling me is quite the indicator as to the kind of Mimi you are going to be! I love you more than you'll ever know!


  1. Megan -- I found your blog off of Carl's blog. Remember me from youth group? Used to be Teresa REEP, now Tysinger. It's so nice to read up about how you're doing. Congratulations on awaiting Cooper's arrival! We have a little girl, Emma, who is 2. Motherhood is WONDERFUL and you'll be great at it. But I agree with your mom - find time to enjoy these last several weeks on your own. Take care and so glad to have found you!

    Teresa (my blog:

  2. Hello Teresa! Of course I remember you. I already became a follower of your blog a few days ago and love looking at all your crafty ideas. Emma is adorable! Glad that you found me. I'm excited to be entering the new world of motherhood. Thank you for the congratulations. We'll keep in touch :)