Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Trimming the Tree...

Last Friday night a group of girlfriends got together for an ornament exchange. We had a great time catching up and eating some delicious food. Then we used the White Elephant method and had an ornament exchange. It's always funny to see the girls mischievously steal their favorite ornament. I enjoy this exchange so much because each year when we decorate our tree, I'll think back to the exchange and the girlfriends that were there.

Here's a glimpse of the yummy food. Thank you so much Randa for the Artichoke Cup recipe. They are a hit everywhere that I bring them!

Here are the lovely ladies (and the always adorable Parks) that were in attendance. I love how Alisa's dog Lilly is posing in the picture with the rest of us. She is the cutest. You may also be asking yourself what is up with the socks. Well, that is Lisa and she was emphatic about me not getting a picture of her socks. I of course did. Momma was just trying to keep her tootsies warm!

With so much going on in each of our lives, it's quite the task to get us all in the same room. Thank you so much Alisa for putting this together, hosting, and making it happen. I am so glad that we did.

T-4 days and counting! Merry Christmas!

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