Friday, January 14, 2011

Flavorsome Friday- Nana Pudding...

I promised last week that I would get back on the baking bandwagon and share a new and exciting recipe with you.

I failed miserably.

I promise this week I will do better. But in the meantime, last night Rich and I put together this little treat to satisfy our sweet tooth.

Nothing fancy but it did the trick! I also like to think that it wasn't all that bad for us since I used sugar free vanilla pudding made with 1% milk and there was fruit in it. Let's just ignore the cookies and whipped cream!

I hope that you all have a great three day weekend. With an extra day, who wouldn't enjoy it right? I am beyond excited for this weekend because Sunday is our baby shower! I can't wait to gather with family and friends to celebrate the anticipated arrival of Cooper Allen. Oh joy!


  1. I think this totally counts as a recipe! Happy baby shower weekend! :)

  2. I second Lindsey's comment and think it looks delicious! Enjoy your baby shower! I bet it will be wonderful!