Thursday, January 20, 2011

Showered, with Lots of Love...

This past Sunday a beautiful baby shower was thrown in our honor. It was a wonderful day to say the very least. Here's a glimpse of our special day...

Here's a view of the vibrant table scape. Mason jar mugs with daisies popping out were the centerpieces. The "feet" and "baby" popping out were edible chocolate. Bright blue glass ware tied everything together and I loved the adorable cookie favors with Cooper's initials- C.A.H.

We dined on a traditional Sunday brunch consisting of scrumptious quiche, breakfast casserole, maple soaked bacon, fresh fruit, croissants, assorted danish, and a delicious cake from Sprinkles. If you've never had a cake from Sprinkles, you are missing out on one of life's greatest treasures! Not only are they breathtakingly beautiful but they are beyond delicious! This cake was a yellow cake with fresh raspberry swirl iced with butter cream. My mouth is now watering (luckily for me, we still have some leftover in the fridge)!

Like most baby showers, there were silly games. There was one where different types of candy bars were crushed into diapers, mimicking a poopy diaper. Guests guessed which was what by giving the "dirty diaper" a good whiff! Then there was the traditional yarn around the belly game to see which guest could guess how big my baby bump was. Needless to say, that game made me feel like a whale but all in good fun!

I was surrounded by family and friends and was truly overwhelmed by all the love. We had a great time and like always, it's nice to gather with a group of women that I admire so much. Thank you all for coming and making it such a special day for Rich, Cooper, and I. We are so grateful for each and every one of you!

There were a few little ones in attendance, a glimpse of things to come! Mason, Kylie, Elle, and Noah certainly brought a smile to my face. I am sure that Cooper will be good friends with all of them. There's no doubt that there are many play dates in our future, for both the Moms and kids alike!

We were showered with wonderful gifts that will help us take care of and be the best possible parents to our little one. There was so much thought put into so many of the gifts. It was remarkable really!

Check out this adorable bookcase that my sister got us. She had the great idea of asking all of the guests to bring a book for Cooper. I added them to the bookcase as I opened the gifts. Our little man has his own library and he isn't even here yet. I can't wait to sit in the rocker and read these books to him.

This beautiful shower would not have been possible without my big sister Alisa. She planned such a beautiful day with the help of my Mom Terri, my mother-in-law Donna, and my best friend Kelly. I can't even begin to tell you each how thankful I am. I was truly blown away by all of the little details that went into the shower but most of all, all of the love. There is no doubt that Cooper is such a loved little boy.

After most of the guests had left, Rich came home from a morning away at work. I was pretty excited to show him all of the goodies but most of all, the car seat. You see, I've had this reoccurring nightmare that I went into labor and gave birth to Cooper only to find out that I wasn't allowed to bring him home from the hospital because we didn't have a car seat. I can now rest easy knowing that we won't have that problem! There's no doubt in my mind that Rich is going to be an amazing father. I can't wait to see him in action!

Again, thank you, thank you, thank you to each of you that were able to attend and especially to those of you that put together such an amazing day! I will never forget what a special experience this has been and will be eternally grateful for each and every one of you!

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  1. It was a blast!!! I really can't WAIT to meet Coop!!! Just waiting for that text!!!!