Monday, July 25, 2011

Mommy and Me Monday- Bedtime Story Edition...

Please excuse the mismatched pajamas, out of the shower wet hair (which also kind of looks like I am rockin' a mullet), and nada makeup, but this is one of the sweetest moments that I have shared with Cooper to date.

He's all into bedtime stories now! He reaches for the pages which inevitably he tries to put in his mouth, but all the same, this Mommy LOVES to read so this makes my heart happy! Here we are before bedtime sharing one of my favorite children's books, I Love You More.

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  1. The picture is too cute, and it was so nice to see your blog back in my feed! Hope you guys are well!

  2. This is seriously my favorite picture of you & Cooper because it is simply what you put, a sweet moment captured! Yay for your new Mommy & Me Mondays now that you are a momma, too!

  3. a very cute picture. reading books to our kids is always a treasure.

    please visit mine here at Joe's

  4. awww this is really cute, he is so interested in the book

  5. So very sweet. I just love it when they start to get engaged in bed time stories.