Thursday, July 28, 2011

So what if I am?

The dictionary defines worrywart as the following:
wor·ry·wart (wûr-wôrt, wr-) n.
One who worries excessively and needlessly.

While I do believe that motherhood has caused my worries to rise to the elevation of excessive, I certainly don't think that my worries are needless.

Like most newborns, Cooper slept in our room for the first several months of his life. About a month ago we took the leap of faith and moved him to his nursery. After all, we had put so much time, effort, and love into making it the perfect nursery, the kid needed to finally use it!

I wasn’t all that surprised when he took to his new room and crib immediately. He’s been a sleep through the night baby since month two so I assumed he would do just as well on his own and he did. What I didn’t expect was for my excessive worry to reach an all time high. I found myself grabbing the monitor at the slightest peep and staring at it to make sure that I could see his stomach move up and down, a reassurance that he was still breathing. I did this for hours on end. It was just crazy.

After a few nights my excessive worry seemed to fade to a normal level and I too was able to sleep through the night. Like most Moms, I still wake up and glance at the monitor throughout the night and that’s when this contraption comes in handy…

There's my little boy. Safe and sound, enjoying his nap today.

Best. Invention. Ever.

I’m convinced that without this video monitor, I would be sleeping on his nursery floor. God bless the person who invented it. They are awesome.

Worrywart? So what if I am. It’s just because I love him so!

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  1. I have complained abut my mother and my wife, but I have NEVER known a good mom who was not a worry-wart. As you said, it's simply love in action! Have a blessed weekend!