Monday, August 15, 2011

Mommy & Me Monday- Sleeping Babe and One Proud Mommy...

We attended a wedding on Saturday night (you'll have to check back tomorrow for the SO FUN details on that). My parents were awesome enough to come over to our house to watch Cooper while we were out. It’s just easier to have him in his own environment when we know we are going to be gone through dinner, bath, and bedtime. Cooper had a great time getting to spend some quality time with Mimi and Pops and Mommy and Daddy had a blast dancing the night away with some fabulous friends.

We arrived home to a sleeping baby, safe and sound in his crib. We went in to sneak a peek, grab a kiss, and say our, “I love you” and “Goodnight.”

While we had a blast and the occasional night out is great, we missed him so much. What can I say? I’m one proud Mommy.

Thanks again Mom and Dad for watching him. You must have worn him out because he slept through the night without as much as a peep!

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  1. You are such the proud mommy, I love your face in that picture! I cannot wait for a post on the wedding to relive it over again! I had so much fun celebrating Ashleigh & Brandon's special day with ya'll!!!

  2. sweet. It's nice to get out without them, but hard not to miss them, too.