Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Boys & Their Dixie...

Anyone who knows my husband, Rich, also knows of his obsession for lawnmowers. From the time he could walk, he’d push the plastic Fisher Price mowers around the house and yard. He was the sort of child that begged Santa Claus for a, “Classic Snapper Rear Engine Rider,” and in the 5th grade, Santa Claus made those dreams come true. He spent Christmas Day mowing all of the neighbor’s lawns. Yes, he was that kind of kid.

As he grew a little older, his fondness of Dixie Choppers in particular also grew. Early in our dating days, he got his very first Dixie Chopper. He was like a kid in a candy store the first time he sat on that thing. His face was priceless, simply adorable.

Well last Thursday afternoon when he got home from work and started his weekly routine of mowing the lawn, Cooper was immediately taken to the noise and watched from the front porch as Dad zoomed around the yard.

When Rich was finished and with camera in hand, I passed Cooper to him for his very first Dixie Chopper experience.

He’s most definitely a chip off the old block! With the engine roaring Cooper went straight to Daddy. No whimpering, no fussing, just taking in the moment.

This time around, both of their faces were priceless, simply adorable.

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  1. haha, it does look kind of fun! I might like mowing lawns if I had one of those babies!