Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sneak Peek...

A couple of weeks ago, my sister-in-law, Amy, came over to lend her artistic skills. With her help, we put a few finishing touches on Cooper’s nursery. One thing this Momma is NOT is artistically inclined so I was quite grateful when Amy volunteered. She took our extra bed sheet and bought the matching paint, showed up, and free handed this adorable tree that also appears in the bedding. The monkey decal that we already had looks so cute swinging from it!

I’m going to be posting the before and after photos in an entry next week but here’s a little sneak peek of her work…

Of course, Daddy, Cooper, and Gizmo wanted in on the action!

Let me tell you what... a lot of hard work and love went into our little boy’s room. I hope when he’s grown he’ll be able to look back on these pictures and see just how excited we were to have him become a part of our lives!

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  1. I know you are shaking your head at me because I owe you his Letters. I WILL finish it before he grows up and has his first girlfriend I promise.