Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We Have an Unwelcomed Guest...

Around this time every year Rich works on getting the pond into better shape. He was out this past Sunday trimming the brush around the water when he spotted this little fella! Can you see him?

Have you guessed it yet?

Yeah, we have a baby gator in our koi pond...

... and clearly he is not afraid one bit of humans since I walked right up to him to take these pictures.

Wondering the craziest part about the story? We were talking one night before bed last week about getting the pond into better shape so that we can buy some fish for it. I guess that because it was right before bed, I dreamt that night that when Rich was cleaning the pond, there was a gigantic alligator in it!

Luckily for Rich (and his limbs), the gigantic part was off.


  1. Kelley, we're thinking nearly three feet but aren't for sure yet. Randi, we've contacted Gatorland because they'll come take him without killing him. A trapper is supposed to contact us today but until then, he's swimming around the pond! As a matter of fact, when I look out the window right now, he's right there, just staring at me!

  2. Yikes! That's so cool Gatorland will take him free of charge, though. Ah- the things I don't miss about FL. We have snakes, lizards, and field mice here in the desert...oh and tons of bugs and black widows the size of your head! I might be exaggerating a tad. ;)