Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We miss you already...

As I mentioned last week, Amy and the kids headed back to Washington after spending the summer here in Florida. Scott and his unit are wrapping up some intense training in Ft. Irwin, CA where it is currently 105 degrees. I can’t imagine how he must be feeling but I’m glad that they’re getting prepared. Amy and the kids will be spending the next few months with Scott while he prepares for his deployment to Afghanistan in December. Even though they’ll be back in November and the time they're spending with Scott is so important, we can’t help but miss them already!

After all, what cousins don’t like to chat it up…

… play with trains…

… love on each other…

… and pose for super cute cousin portraits!

I can’t imagine how much different they’ll all look and act after just the few short months that will pass before we see them again. I think that we’ll have to take an identical shot to compare.

Until then, we love you Scott, Amy, Grace, Jack, and Josh! Keep dry and warm until November!


  1. Love Pops' shirt. "We the People..." hahaha

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