Tuesday, October 11, 2011

8 Months Old...

Can you even believe it? Cooper turned 8 months old last Tuesday! He's learning new and exciting things every day and it's such an amazing experience to get to sit back and watch him. 

The monthly photo shoots are getting a bit lot more challenging but as I've said before, I'll stop at nothing to capture the moment! Here are a few of my favorites from this month... 

 My secret weapon, Gizmo! Cooper will look in whatever direction Giz is... 

Such a big boy...  

This one's my favorite, he looks so serious. No smiling for Mom this month... 

Give me that camera, Momma! 

Learning to clap, I'm super excited about this...


  1. Oh I love the clapping! And the serious look. I can't believe he's 8 mos old.

  2. Oh my, Meagan he's just so precious! He's growing so fast & it seems like he has a lot more hair now! So cute!

  3. Thank you, Andria! Yes, his hair is definitely coming in. So much in fact that I need to trim around his ears, though I am terrified so it's just going to have to stay like that for a bit longer. Hope your pregnancy is going well!

  4. Seriously, me neither. 8 months... geez! And yes, the clapping ::sigh:::

  5. Oh my! Those cheeks. I have two boys and I miss having those big, soft, baby-smelly cheeks around! Such cute pictures!