Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Great Food-Truck Invasion...

A couple of weeks ago Kissimmee Main Street put together a great event where our little town was taken over by all kinds of delicious gourmet food-trucks. All the yummy food was followed up with a town square showing of, "Ratatouille," on a blow up movie screen. A movie about a cooking rat seemed pretty dead on considering all of the food that was consumed that night! 

Rich and I decided to make this a date night so we left Cooper at home with Mimi and Pops and hit the town. There was so much to choose from that I had a hard time deciding where to even begin. 

After walking the row of trucks several times I finally decided on Parmesan Crusted Artichoke Hearts. I can't remember the name of the truck that I bought these from but I do remember that they buy all of their ingredients locally which I thought was pretty cool. They were de-li-cious, so delicious in fact that I forgot to snap a picture before I scarfed them down. All the same, they rocked! 

Rich opted to hit up the Gourmet Flatbread truck and snagged a Margarita Flatbread with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella  and parmesan. I wasn't shocked in the slightest that he chose the closest thing to pizza that was offered. We are talking about Rich after all! 

After mingling for a bit the rain started to roll in so Rich and I decided to skip the movie and head home to hang out with Cooper and my parents. Before leaving I grabbed a fancy schmancy grilled cheese from the Gastro Truck. This gem was made on thick sliced multigrain bread and filled with gouda cheese, thinly sliced honey-crisp apples, thick-sliced bacon, and a little drizzle of honey. Oh-Em-Gee... Super tasty! 

Before heading home we hit up the Yum Yum Cupcake truck for a few treats to bring home to enjoy with the babysitters. We chose several varieties like Key-Slime, S'more, Chocolate Butter Cream, Red Velvet, and Peanut Butter Chocolate. They did not disappoint! 

I must say that I'm pretty proud of my friend Kelly who is the director of Kissimmee Main Street. She's doing some amazing work over there and Kissimmee is lucky to have someone as passionate as Kelly on their team. Now, when's the next invasion? I'm ready to try some more new treats! 


  1. You are the best best frienddddd! I am so happy you enjoyed it! December is the next one, date to come!

  2. We're so there and weather permitting, we really want to bring Cooper next time!

  3. Seriously, it was super awesome. I'm going to attempt to rip off the recipe and make one of my own. I think that I'm going to use brie in it. Yummmmm...