Thursday, October 20, 2011

I hang my head in shame...

When something (shoes) are on sale (I'm talking 15% off) you have to buy them right?! 

Good, I'm glad you agree because I may (meaning I just got back from the mall and I totally did) buy Cooper the cutest little pair of Baby UGG's. 

Yes, I hang my head in shame but I couldn't resist. 

I'm going to go ahead and blame Bloomingdale's. They were having a promotion that when you use you Bloomie's credit card, you automatically get 15% off. See, I had to do it. 

After all, we're headed to the pumpkin patch today when Daddy gets off work and he couldn't go without a pair of adorable little boots, right?! 

Good, glad you agree again. 


  1. Ok, see now, when you said UGG's, I was thinking taupe, girly UGG's. I should have known better with you as his mother. TOTALLY wrong! What a little stud, he will rock these!

  2. Oh no, these are manly big boy dark Uggs! LOL :)

    Thanks for making me feel a little better about this ridiculous splurge. I'm also trying to justify it because I am sure that subsequent baby(ies) could use them as a hand-me-down. See... I HAD to do it!

  3. haha, I think you can totally justify it, esp when they can live through numerous Halquist babies!

    And just remember my support when I find those perfect boots that I've been searching for for Elle! ;-)