Monday, November 14, 2011

Mommy & Me Monday- The Happy Halloween Edition...

I took a few weeks off from the blog to regroup and catch up one everyday life but I'm back! Now that I am, I'll be playing a bit of catch up on the blog front. It never ends!

For this week's, "Mommy & Me Monday," we're recapping our Halloween festivities! Trick-or-treating was a two part event for Cooper, Rich, and myself. 

We started off Friday night in Downtown Kissimmee with some of our playgroup friends. We walked along Main Street collecting candy from the storefronts. It was yet, another fabulous even put together by Cooper's Godmother Kelly. 

Then on the actual day of Halloween we went over to Mimi's house and met up with some family to finish up the trick-or-treating. Before we actually got to Mimi's, we made a pit-stop at the hospital to visit Pops (yes, Dad was in the hospital now but in my time away from the blog, I'm happy to report that he's home and doing great). Back to the trick-or-treating, Cooper really could have cared less about all the Halloween hoopla but changed his tune when I let him take a few licks of a lollipop. I'm sure next year we won't be able to keep him away from the candy!

As if two days of costume fun wasn't enough, this Mommy had to dress him up one last time to get some good pictures in natural light. Really, I have no self-control when it comes to pictures and Cooper. Can you blame me?! Look at what a cute lil' lion he was! 

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  1. So adorable. Visiting from Mommy & Me Monday.

  2. Oh, what an adorable Lion.

    And, so glad your dad is doing better now.